Raja decided to give their business a new look to keep up with the changes in Cambridge’s dining scene. But don’t worry, they’re still offering the same great service and delicious food that they’ve always been known for. Raja, an Indian restaurant in Cambridge, started 20 years ago with special family recipes that have been passed down through generations. Over the years, they’ve become a favourite spot for locals, winning lots of awards along the way. Now, the founder’s son and a skilled team are running the show, adding some new twists while keeping the heart of the business the same. Now Raja is en route to becoming the best restaurant in Cambridge.

So, if you’re in Cambridge and craving some authentic Indian cuisine, head over to Raja and experience their delicious dishes for yourself!

“I’m pleased to offer you a brand new experience following our transformation. We bring an evocative ‘Bombay cafe feel’ to the historic city of Cambridge. Our new menu serves up reimagined Indian food from breakfasts, chai & Indian snacks, afternoon tea, lunch and dinner.

Enjoy an adventure that tickles all the senses at Raja.

– Sai 😊

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