The winners of the 9th annual English Curry Awards 2019 have been unveiled, marking the culmination of a surge in nominations from all corners of the country. We are pleased to announce that the Raja is the best Indian Restaurant in Cambridge.

Raja Indian Restaurant in Cambridge has won the “Most Wanted Restaurant of the Year for the East of England” category due to its huge popularity and success, which attracts customers from all over the region and beyond.

Thanks again to all our customers and everyone that has supported our curry dream. Great team effort.”. – Sai Rahman

The awards recognise and celebrate the dedication, passion, and outstanding service demonstrated by individuals and establishments within the English Curry industry, highlighting their commitment to excellence with every meal. The prestigious black-tie awards ceremony unfolded on August 19th at The Birmingham Conference & Events Centre, nestled within the Holiday Inn Birmingham City Centre.

Why Raja Indian Restaurant in Cambridge deserve this award?

Raja Indian Restaurant deserves this award for several compelling reasons. First of all, the restaurant always serves delicious Indian food with authentic flavours, which people enjoy. Also, the dedication of the chefs and staff to maintaining high standards of quality. Not only that, the taste of our amazing food sets Raja apart from its competitors.

Moreover, Raja Indian Restaurant fosters an atmosphere of warmth and hospitality, ensuring that every guest feels welcomed and valued. The attentive service and commitment to customer satisfaction contribute to a memorable dining experience that keeps customers coming back time and again.

Additionally, Raja Indian Restaurant is heavily involved with the local community. Actively participating in charitable initiatives and events that benefit those in need. Its contributions to the community reflect a sense of responsibility and goodwill that extends beyond the realm of food.

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